World of Warcraft: New Addon? News on the BlizzCon 2017 confirmed

As announced by Blizzard Entertainment, BlizzCon has announced the release of World of Warcraft. It is highly likely that the announcement of a new addon, which has been speculated for several months, is likely.

At this year’s BlizzCon in Anaheim, Blizzard Entertainment will probably announce the next addon for the online game World of WarCraft . At least the statements of the responsible Game Director Ion Hazzikostas in a just published review video close.

In it, he first looks at the current events in WoW from the year 2017, including the comprehensive update 7.3 as well as the trip to Argus count. In the video, Hazzikostas once again explained how important the team is still to present new content and stories to the players of World of Warcraft. In addition, the BlizzCon 2017 will provide great news on the future of the online role playing game. The team wanted to finally show the fans what to expect in the near future.

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This is a fairly clear indication of the announcement of a new addon. Already for several months, there are speculations about the next expansion, which is rumored to be “Veil of Shadows” and may offer new breed options . By no later than 3 November 2017, when the BlizzCon begins, we will be smarter. There will be no news for Diablo 3 .

Bolivia search for the light at the end of the tunnel

Every rebuilding takes a long time, a constant ups and downs and always needs an encouraging boost. This is exactly what Bolivia has to offer, which has made a jump in the FIFA / Coca-Cola World Cup by 22 places in position 46.

Thanks to their victory against Chile in qualifying for the 2018 ™ FIFA World Cup ™, Bolivia’s selection has been the best since March 2013 when the team was ranked 37th. A month later, however, one fell out of the top 50 and could only return now … 54 months later!

Bolivia in the World Cup

Best position: Rank 18 in August 1997
Worst position: Rank 115 in October 2011
Average Ranking: 73.
So far the biggest jump: +35 in September 2016
Progress has been made in the footballing performance of the selection. Bolivia will also be missing at the next World Cup, as it has been in the USA since 1994, but now it has become a serious opponent again.

“More than just the intention counts the further development of the team”, one hears from nationaltrainer Mauricio Soria. “Bolivia’s football must be very tactical in order to compensate for difficult situations, and we must develop and play in the away games where we stop in La Paz”

The goal has not yet been reached, but Bolivia has made Colombia’s life difficult in Medellín, as did Peru in Lima, losing both rounds.

“Since we took the pick, we were able to give it their own identity, but not only for the A team, but also for the U-20 and U-17 selections we now have a similar way of playing, “confirms the 51-year-old coach.

“In Lima, for example, it was easy to see that the players of our country found a tactical response to every situation in the game.”

But the Hernando-Siles stadium has also become a bastion again, as Bolivia have won against Argentina and Chile this year, making the situation of both teams in the World Cup qualifier much more complicated.

“We are continuing to grow as a team, as we’ve seen in the last few games, and we’ve let the ball go well with our flanks in the penalty area we are very happy. ”
The names behind the project
Soria can rely on experienced players such as Ronald Raldes (36), Pablo Escobar (39), Juan Carlos Arce (32) and Marcelo Martins (30).

Nevertheless, the importance of young players has grown steadily. The protagonists of the qualification for the FIFA World Cup Qatar will be 2022 ™ players like Diego Bejarano (25), Gonzalo Valverde (27), Jorge Flores (23) and Leonel Justiniano (27).

In addition, a number of U-20 top-flight players are on the way, including goalkeeper Rubén Cordano (18), interior defender Luis Haquín (19), offensive midfielder Moisés Villarroel (18), versatile midfielder Henry Vaca (19) and striker Bruno Miranda (19).

At the beginning of the year, the plan was clearly defined: “We want to make a selection with young players, who will gain experience in this and the following season and are therefore perfectly prepared for the next World Cup qualification.”

First positive signs are now. The time will show whether the project is successful.

World of Warcraft important spoils of white: Turalyon couples return home grandson will meet

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Love play network vitamin C translation finishing, reproduced please indicate the source.

In Illidan and Khadgar and other heroes of the story of the dialogue after the announcement, the follow-up other important important NPC on their future planning of the dialogue has also been excavated by the players out.

World of Warcraft important spoils of white: Turalyon couples return home grandson will meet


The protracted war finally ended …

The side of my heart never expected to be alive until the day of arrival. We experienced countless battles and lost too much.

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When we drive Vidikar to start the battle, it may not have been tested, but it safely brought us home.

The upgrade to the ship is very value, is not it?

Do not answer, your answer may give me pouring cold water.

The work of a ship engineer is always underestimated!


When the Archbishop ordered me to come to Azeroth, I would have liked to leave his side. I think someone will be better qualified for this job.

But I now understand his decision, and he wanted me to see the reasons he saw him and Aureliia desperately fighting.

Our war may have ended, but there are still countless fights waiting for us in front, because the corps does not mean that all the devil in this world will be surrendered.

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NFL’s China designs go to a hal

Early Lead

NFL’s China designs go to a hal
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In March 2016, a NFL representative said the class was leading “a definite examination” about playing a diversion in China as ahead of schedule as the 2018 season.

In September 2016, the group official accountable for the NFL International Series said there was “a low probability” that a 2018 diversion could be played in China.

In September 2017, the arrangement to play a 2018 amusement in China has pretty much passed on.

“I don’t think it’ll be ’18. I don’t believe we’re prepared,” Mark Waller, the NFL’s official VP for universal, revealed to MMQB’s Albert Breer.

Aside from the conspicuous strategic issues — Beijing is a 12-hour time distinction from the U.S. East Coast and 15 hours in front of the West Coast — Waller revealed to Breer that the alliance does not have any desire to just play an irregular amusement in China without first developing enthusiasm for the game. Last September, the NFL found that exclusive 500,000 individuals in China — populace 1.4 billion — reliably watch NFL diversions web based, as per Breer.
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Be that as it may, the log jam with respect to the alliance’s China designs doesn’t mean the NFL has quit pondering worldwide extension. The Ravens and Jaguars commence the association’s yearly London slate on Sunday, one of a record four diversions to be played there this season, and whenever groups take the field in London the subject of a lasting London-based squad comes up. There are clearly strategic issues including travel and time contrasts with that, as well, however Waller has a thought for next season that could test a group’s capacity to contend from such a distant base.
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Amusement ON! FIFA 18: Dele Alli, Alexandre Lacazette, Rio Ferdinand and host of different stars play at dispatch of world’s

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Amusement ON! FIFA 18: Dele Alli, Alexandre Lacazette, Rio Ferdinand and host of different stars play at dispatch of world’s

DELE ALLI demonstrated he is similarly as great at FIFA as he is at playing football for genuine as he exhibited his gaming abilities at the official dispatch party.

Occurring in Shoreditch in London, footballers, performers and TV stars met up in festivity of the normal arrival of the world’s most prominent football PC amusement.

Alexandre Lacazette is a major enthusiast of FIFA 18 – yet may need to get some more practice in


Alexandre Lacazette is a major fanatic of FIFA 18 – however may need to get some more practice in

Dele Alli has a good evaluating on FIFA – and players will expect this ti rise fundamentally in time



Dele Alli has a good evaluating on FIFA – and players will expect this ti rise fundamentally in time

Footballer-turned-boxer Rio Ferdinand is obviously a major FIFA fan


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Footballer-turned-boxer Rio Ferdinand is obviously a major FIFA fan

Set to hit the racks on September 29, Alli was joined by Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette, rap star Wretch 32 and vocalist Olly Murs for some gaming activity.

Additionally showing up was ex-Manchester United man Rio Ferdinand, days after the stun declaration he was to take up boxing.

Different footballers to swing up to demonstrate their help included West Ham’s Michail Antonio, Manchester United’s Ashley Young, Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha and Hull’s David Meyler.

Alli collaborated with Murs to control Tottenham, going up against Lacazette and Wretch 32 who were clearly playing as Arsenal.

What’s more, it was Alli who got one over his kindred professional as he helped Spurs win effectively, 4-0.

As usual, players can anticipate the standard minor redesign in designs and gameplay… however this year there is nothing major on that front.

Olly Murs banded together with Dele Alli as Spurs, going up against Alexandre Lacazette and Wretch 32 who were Arsenal



Olly Murs banded together with Dele Alli as Spurs, going up against Alexandre Lacazette and Wretch 32 who were Arsenal

Alexandre Lacazette even figured out how to get himself booked as Arsenal were battered 4-0



Alexandre Lacazette even figured out how to get himself booked as Arsenal were battered 4-0

Alexandre Lacazette figured out how to get himself booked playing as Arsenal



Alexandre Lacazette was forced to bear a 4-0 annihilation to Dele Alli and Tottenham (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

This is the NBA 2k18: excellent basketball game and one of the best sports of all time

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World D tested the game on its version of Playstation 4 . The game is also available on Play 4 Pro, Xbox One and PC. Supreme playability and the first mode of “role” sports.

The NBA 2k18 is the ideal sports game. Thus, with this forceful “ideal” starts this note of video games in World D in which we analyze the new version of the classic title of basketball. And do not overdo it on the first line. Not that Fifa and PES are not high-level, but the NBA 2k18 brings the art of detail to the maximum. And it combines them with a “customizable” depth rarely seen. And the context in which these ingredients are applied is great: the gameplay of this title shows and represents the essence of basketball in its entirety, the street, the professional, the show and the meticulous.

The only criticism he has is “his great virtue”: it is not a simple game and for anyone, it is so real that it needs that those who play it have some idea of ​​basketball. He who is a fan of basketball and video games, as you know, is addicted to the NBA 2K.

Manu Ginobili , Michael Jordan and the rest of the celebrities of the present and the past are as careful and thoughtful as the player you create to make your story.

Mundo D tested the game in the version of Playstation 4 thanks to the management of press of 2K , the firm located in San Francisco, the United States, that year by year takes into account to this means for the reviews. (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


The 100 best players in the world in “Fifa 18”
Here you can see the great virtues of this game ( also available in Play 3, X Box One and 360 and PC ), we present your game modes and fundamentally, we give you a great section with the best and worst of the new star mode : MY CARRER , a kind of sports role-playing game.

A sport game without equal: with a brutal depth so the basketball lover feels that his tummy is full. Tactical and strategic variables to spend more time adjusting styles and actions than in the parquet (what shines the floors in a visual fantasy).

Let’s talk about basketball and how it feels to play. We touched the highlights.

The dribbles improved ostensibly and also the contact when looking for the rebounds
The graphical improvement in the representation of the players and how these players are represented in the game: Manu besides to look like Manu, does things of Manu
Sensitivity in the shot: seems complicated in the first minutes of play and then it becomes so natural that you even feel that you are in the air on the way to the basket (NBA 2K has that, it internalizes the movements to the point of making them intuitive to the maximum)
The friction system feels like no other sports game of contacts (football for example)
The pass system is still mind-boggling: all the options on all available buttons, from top to bottom, sting and even improvised by pressing the circle button twice
The speed at which the player goes towards the basket in “the painted area” seems much more natural
In any other game, the actions of that game come to the point of being repetitive. In this game, each possession delivers different alternatives
The relationship balls hands: the ball can be lost in an excess of dribbling, a bad pass up can give on the ball of a partner
The ball-to-hoop relationship: there are turns before it enters the basket, depending on the force of the shot, it gives on one or another part of the hoop or the board
Some players did even wrinkles
Another great detail: at the time of the pre-pitch amague, it’s amazing how they stand from tip to toe
All those playable details go in an amplitude of ways, that invites to lose the dialogue with the rest of humanity in order to spend days sitting in front of a tele with the joystick in the hand. The review goes.

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MATCHES: make unique matches between NBA teams; (like the Bulls of Jordan or the Lakers of Magic Johnson) and also with the equipment ALL TIME (equipment that reunite to the best players of the history of each franchise (example: in Orlando Magic are Shaquille O’neal and Tracy McGrady in the same quintet).
NBA TODAY: is to play and play the game of the day as it is set in the fixture of the NBA.
PLAY NOW ONLINE: simple, choose a team and play online before an opponent (you have to have hours of game to live up to, this NBA 2K has basketball beasts online)
2KU: has a tutorial mode (ultra recommendable to take the hand to the game), a FRESTYLE (mode to apply everything learned but individually), SCRIMMAGE (mode to apply what is learned but as a team) and 2KU Tips glossary (with details of the hundreds of plays that can be made per game).
BLACKTOP: offline street basketball from one to one up to five to five.
ALL STAR TEAM UP: You are a player and form part of a team with four other players, who meet online at random.
PLAY WITH FRIENDS: invite four friends who play with your profile in a team of five.

Surely many of you play Fifa and this is something similar. It’s about putting together a team to compete online and make progress to build the best possible team with current NBA players and all time.
They are buying figurines containing players at different levels (eg Nash in Dallas, with a rating of 91). At the beginning of the game you choose what style of play the team will have and depending on that will be the options of packets of figurines that we will receive according to our score. Some players can be used for a certain number of matches.
Also we touch technicians and contracts, sneakers, cards of plays of equipment and even stadiums. It is a vast way.
Certain conditions are made low and these conditions allow you to win coins to buy new figurines, which will have more options and more players. Ah, the first challenge of the team is to make a margin of eight points with two minutes to play.

The first one means My General Manager and covers that justly: building and managing an NBA franchise, has kinematics that give way to career wave. A depth to spend weeks trying to create a dynasty.
In My League are available the game modes of season, playoffs and others. Everything to feel the NBA as its own.

It is not a game mode, but the channel of news that is delivering the game. It includes interviews with NBA players and data that the creators of the game are communicating to the gamers.

The star mode of this delivery. Whose analysis is in charge of Alberto Gattoni .

This year the saga leader in basketball games brings us another outstanding career mode, with a change that stands out compared to previous years in what has history.
Much closer to the dream of the kid, this time we will not have to go through the filter basket university.
It will simply be a matter of standing out in a street tournament so that a scout of the team that we have selected as a favorite tells us that he is interested in making a test to be among the professionals.
Prior to this, we went through the most important fact of all that was the creation of our character.
Here we will deal with both the basic physical aspects and the most important of creation: define the position and style of play.
We particularly armed a player with the dimensions of His Majesty Michael Jordan, and we were even allowed to select the same “shot” style so characteristic of Air Jordan.
As our performances improve, we can collect coins that will serve to improve the statistics of our player, the best RPG style.
In the history mode we will also have the possibility, before each game, to participate in three types of training that we will select by hand to also be able to raise the player average.
Outside of the games themselves, the game is handled in the open world style and here is another of the big differences compared to other editions.
Although very limited to a few streets we are presented The Neighborhood. This small neighborhood will serve as a link to three modes associated with the use of our own character: My Career, My Park and Pro-Am, the last two associated with online competition against other people.
This conjunction of modes united from this neighborhood is called Road To 99 (way to 99), since just the objective is to be able to reach that average compitiendo in any of those three modalities.

We point out, yes, that the task will not be easy and the time to invest will be long.
Also note that in this small open world we will find a hairdresser, an NBA store, a bookmaker, the office of our manager and even the training center of our franchise
Going back to history, we will enter a team already formed and we will befriend Wells, a fictitious player who will educate us in the NBA world.
As we become more and more famous, our manager will present us with new sponsorship opportunities that will not only serve to collect change coins of the game, but also obtain merchandise to aesthetically customize our player.
Each new target can be selected from our mobile phone that will act as a guide in this mode.

It is particularly entertaining to see how the relationships with some members of the staff of the team, such as the security manager, the statistician and public relations, are developing.
The corollary to this growth is that once we reach level 90, we can already consider (and be considered by the franchise) a mega star, which will enable us to sit down with the General Manager to suggest the hiring of reinforcements, the best Lebron James style in the Cleveland Cavalliers.
As already mentioned, once armed with patience and enjoying the best basketball game in the market, the story mode will pay its fruits

EA Sports, FIFA 18, Review, Review, Reviews, Impressions

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Expected by millions of players, FIFA 18 will arrive in your living room in a few days. Before this official release, here is our test of the game!

A few days after Pro Evolution Soccer 18 , it’s now time to get FIFA 18 under our microscope. While Konami has set the bar very high with a gameplay completely redesigned and considerably improved (that is saying little), the new version of Electronic Arts which is already revealed greatly in recent weeks seems to have the weapons to meet the challenge launched by the Japanese publisher. Did EA Sports take risks with FIFA 18? Is the game a confirmation after a FIFA 17 more than innovative? Elements of answer here and now.

[Details] – The game was tested on PlayStation 4, on a dematerialized version sent by the publisher .

Electronic Arts once again cared for the entry into the FIFA 18. As usual, you will begin your adventure with a friendly match before you have access to the full game and all its menus. This year, we are entitled to a small variant that you will greatly appreciate. History not to spoil the pleasure, we will let you discover this for yourself.

What’s new in the sun?

Before entering the big news one by one, let’s quickly sift through what will be innovative in FIFA 18 compared to FIFA 17, whether in pure gameplay or the game globally. One of the things that Electronic Arts wanted to exploit with this new opus is the Frosbite Engine for everything concerning the atmosphere of the matches. After a successful start with this engine last year, now is the time to fine-tune everything and put in place the things that were probably optional on FIFA 17. Know it : it’s a success. Place a whole new atmosphere in the stadiums, be it sound or visual. Banners and tifos at will, confetti on some stadiums in South America, even more realistic viewers with different reactions from each other. EA has put the package to highlight what happens in the background. Each region is retranstricted as it should be, the different supporters around the world not necessarily celebrating football in the same way! Also places new celebrations, which will send the players go communing with their fans in some stadiums.

Speaking of our famous players, a lot of work has been done on some famous players so that they adopt the same behaviors as true. Whether for CR7, Sterling or Robben, in terms of player races, certain specific arm movements or how to move in duels, everything has been done (with motion capture) to stick to the reality.

On the level of gameplay in general, we also have quite a few minor changes that make their arrival with FIFA 18. Place to a new system of long passes / centers, or a system level of dribbling for the most technical players. Another very nice novelty: fast player changes. In fact, before your game, you can prepare three changes that you are thinking about. During the game, whether during a slow motion or during a replacement of the players on a free kick / corner, it is enough to press R2 to have access to these three changes at the bottom of your screen and you just press the key. No need to switch on the pause menu, everything can be done quickly and optimally. Obviously if you change your mind, you can always make the changes to the old way through the pause menu.

Career from father to son

If there is one thing that EA has put forward in recent weeks for the promotion of FIFA 18, it is the renewal of the career mode . With more than a solid foundation and millions of players who always prefer to rub shoulders with the AI ​​team (and favorite players), FIFA’s oldest game mode gets a new look with FIFA 18 with an emphasis on everything concerning transfers. Gone are the cold transactions of the past, it is now possible for you to conduct the negotiations yourself from A to Z with the manager of the player’s club you are targeting, before negotiating directly with the player in question. At the beginning of our career, we were able to accommodate in our office Jürgen Klopp or even Unai Emery. This did not necessarily end up positively with the Paris coach, who even left our office barely installed, considering that he lacked respect with a pitiful proposal. A somewhat theatrical side that finds its perfect place.

Although it may seem complicated at first glance, you will quickly take the lead. At first, you will propose a certain amount or a player to exchange (or both). Your interlocutor may, for example, reply that as part of the exchange he would prefer a Left Wing rather than the Central Defenderthat you propose to him. You will also be able to propose a resale clause in parallel with these auctions which may sometimes take an unexpected direction. Thereafter, you will have to negotiate directly with the player concerned if the club has agreed. Here we find the same variables we know, such as the role of the player in the club or his contract duration, but once again, everything is negotiable live this time, with proposals and counter-proposals . Also places to items like the discharge clause or various bonuses (see pictures below). This interactivity allows you to settle everything at the moment and no longer lose valuable days during periods of transfers. Nevertheless,

In parallel to the negotiations themselves, the narrative side of the game is reinforced in the career mode and you will have for example video clips that present the new recruit of a certain club (or your) alongside the leaders.

Besides that, of course, we find the sure values ​​of the career mode of FIFA 17 (and previous ones), whether at the level of the general interface, the management of your team, your training center, your staff etc . Also note that the whole integrated training side has experienced a lot of new features and improvements, history that you can make evolve players as precisely as possible.

Sir Alex Hunter

In order to stay in the solo game modes, The Journey is obviously back in FIFA 18. Where the stammering of Alex Hunter in FIFA 17 we were in the Premier League, our young football player will this time be able to discover new countries, and especially visit several continents. Having access to other championships than the PL was the number one demand for this mode of play, and EA responded favorably to the request. Another thing that rumbled a bit the players was that all the Alex Hunter looked alike. Problem solved with FIFA 18, because you will be able to relook your nugget as you like and change cut or hair color will be quite possible. Place also to a whole plethora of tattoos history to personalize your player to the maximum.

In addition to the adventure itself which has twists and more than sympathetic events (not to say too much and spoiler, you will be allowed to discover the whole plot by yourself), The Journey in FIFA 18 will also enjoy a local co-op mode and you can also play with other players, close to our Alex Hunter. A second season that comes to confirm with brilliance the good idea of ​​EA to put a true mode history to its saga FIFA.

The Journey (FIFA 17) was a real bet on the side of Electronic Arts and with the different returns of the players, the latter realized that they had done well to try the thing, even if the mode was far from perfect. In FIFA 18 and even if some players are going to skip The Journey, EA has clearly made step-up its mode of play by relying heavily on feedback from the community, enabling the community to enjoy even more ‘adventure. You will be advised to do so at least once!

Ultimate Team, always the place to be?

The career mode is obviously popular, but for a few years now, as video games push you more and more to confront other players and not the AI, the Ultimate Team mode has taken a more important place. More than safe in FIFA 17 with the arrival of the FUT Champions, is this mode of play still licked on FIFA 18? The answer is yes . EA has already hit very strong with the arrival of new icons. The star players who probably marked your childhood or adolescence will not have one, but three cards that will refer to several moments of their illustrious careers. With that alone, EA knocks a big shot and really offers us something friendly. But if there is one other important thing with these cards is that they make their arrival on PlayStation 4 and PC , whereas it was an exclusive Xbox in the past. There will be for everyone and it is a good point!

The Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 18 comes with another novelty (admittedly minor) that delights: the daily goals . As the name suggests, the game will fix you, every day, new goals to fulfill if you want to leave with a few free credits. This may concern matches in themselves, with a goal that will require you to score three goals with Spanish players, make a decisive pass with an English player, but it will also concern the overall management of your club, purchase of a player or the application of a consumable. A little addition that will reward you, especially if you are active every day. The more you play the more regular bonuses you get. (Click to buy fut 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

On the new side, the big novelty of FUT on FIFA 18 is the game mode Clashs of Teams , which will be a solo game mode , integrated in Ultimate Team. Each week, you will be able to play several matches, against teams in the collective and the general note that may vary. You can decide to have a new rotation of 4 teams once a day, whether you have played them or not. You will be able to have a challenge against a team of 75 of general with a collective of 60, but also a challenge against a team with 83 of general with a collective of 100 (you will be able to see the players who make up the team in question before take the decision to face them). The goal is simple: score as many points as possible in one week!

In the way of FUT Champions, you will then be ranked as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite or even in the Top 100 for the best of you. The more you will be ranked high at the end of the week, the more you will have access to interesting rewards. The more risk you have in this mode, the more points you can get and the difficulty you choose for the opposing team. As you can see from the pictures below, taking on the team in ” Champion ” mode could only bring you 1514 points while playing the same team in ” Ultimate ” mode will bring you 2460 points.

It’s up to you to see if you want to take risks in the hope of going away with lots of points but with a chance to “lose everything” or if you prefer to secure the thing with a more affordable level of difficulty. Your total number of points will be capped according to the result, a technical bonus, a bonus for the goals scored, multiplied by the difficulty bonus! As an example and for you to get an idea, if you finish Gold 1 , you will be entitled to 12400 credits, 2 jumbo premium gold packs and 1 gold premium player pack. If you finish Elite 1 , place 39800 credits and 2 Mega packs and if you manage to finish Top 1, up to 100,000 credits, 2 rare mega packs and 2 ultimate packs. Knowing that there is no qualification requirement and that this is therefore open to all, it is a rather “simple” way to make credits and free packs to expand your collection!

In parallel with this new mode of play more than welcome and well thought, it is clear that PvP side of the Ultimate Team (where you face other real players), nothing has really changed with this FIFA 18. While many hopes had been based on a mini-redesign of the FUT Champions , this will not happen. We take FIFA 17 and start again. You will need to qualify for the weekend league either by passing a qualifying tournament in the week (with or without constraint) or then finishing Division 1 in the online season mode. There is nothing very shocking about that, since the system in question is quite legitimate.

On the other hand, a good number of players hoped to extend the league weekend in terms of the duration or a slight decrease in the games to be played. No change on it either, in order to be the best ranked possible, it will always be necessary to play up to 40 gamesin a weekend to hope to finish Elite or even in the Top 100 for the best of you. A system that will continue to reward the most involved players who really do everything to become the best in FUT Champions. This is not a bad thing in itself, but we would have liked little changes compared to the version of FIFA 17. Let us not forget that this is only the second year when this mode of play is present and that the first changes, if they are not made during the season, will probably arrive with FIFA 19.

This is a new feature of FUT Champions, with the arrival of the FUT Champs channel, which will allow you to watch the replays of the matches of the best players in the standings. Whether as entertainment or as a source of inspiration, replays can play a significant role.

Become the King of Stretched Centers and Instant Strikes

We will finish with the training mode or technical games which is obviously present in FIFA 18, as in all the other FIFA for some years (in parallel with the Arena of course). You will find everything you need to (re) put in the bath whether in the passes , dribbling , defense or shooting . In each of these categories you will find subcategories (such as Shots, Advanced Shots, Free Kicks or Shooter’s Penalty ) which themselves will offer you different mini-games.

Unless you are a complete neophyte and you have never played FIFA, chances are you will just go through the technical games to get a better score on the different games than your friends on the PSN, the ranking being displayed at the end of each event. The games are globally the same as last year, with some slight variations for some of them. Some games will nevertheless be quite tricky and you may have to spend several tens of minutes to land the A and a perfect score. On the other hand, we were able to observe some small bugs on certain games of the categories Coups Francs or Passes, where our player disappeared, forcing us to resume the technical game in question from scratch.
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Blizzard Announces New World of Warcraft Beneficial Mascot

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Blizzard has decided to advance the announcement of the World of Warcraft charity this year due to the huge havoc caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and other crises that ravage the world. Instead of presenting it at BlizzCon in November, the Shadow Fox can be “adopted” right away .

“The immediacy of events, including hurricanes Harvey and Irma, flooding South Asia, and countless other crises, have shown that we have to act now,” Blizzard wrote .

Adopting Shadow costs ten dollars (the price varies by region), “you do not have to sign any paper and you already have all the shots,” jokes the company. Blizzard makes it quite clear how our money will be shared, too; one hundred percent will go to charity, and will be divided between two organizations: the American Red Cross, which helps people affected by large and small disasters in the United States. And the IFRC, which helps the Red Cross and Red Crescent cope with disasters through its Disaster Relief Reserve.

The shadow fox will be able to take part in World of Warcraft pet battles, and will be available to all WoW characters in our account. (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Dolphins up five spots in’s NFL Week 3 power rankings

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After an impressive come-from-behind victory over the L.A. Chargers on Sunday, the Miami Dolphins jumped five spots in’s NFL Week 3 power rankings.

Behind quarterback Jay Cutler, running back Jay Ajayi and the right foot of Cody Parkey the Dolphins won 19-17 at the StubHub Center and are now the No. 18 team in the NFL heading into the third week of the season.

“Jay Cutler completed 73 percent of his passes and threw zero interceptions in his debut with the Dolphins, “ wrote. “He might not have racked up yardage, but he also didn’t make the big mistake. With Jay Ajayi continuing to power through defenses, Cutler playing it safe might be all Miami needs.”

Cutler finished Sunday going 24-of-33 for 230 yards and a touchdown in his first game post-retirement. Ajayi proved why he is one of the best ball carriers in the league by rushing for 122 yards on 28 carries.

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Parkey hit four field goals including the game-winner from 54 yards out — a career-long — with 1:05 left in the fourth quarter. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K18 Guide to Upgrading Players, Fastest Way to Upgrade Player

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Upgrading players can be extremely important. The new NBA gives you a few more options and avenues for you to upgrade your players. This NBA 2K18 Guide to Upgrading Players, Fastest Way to Upgrade Player will tell you about all of the ways that you can upgrade your team and also tell you which way is the most efficient way.

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NBA 2K18 Guide to Upgrading Players

In this NBA 2K18 Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about upgrading players in the game.

How to Upgrade Players in NBA 2K18

Of course, the most traditional way to upgrade your players is to spend VC on them. You can get VC by completing matches in the game or by purchasing them using real currency.

Press the triangle button and select the gold attributes option in the middle of the menu. Now press UP on your d-pad to access the attributes page and upgrade them according to your requirement.

Apart from this, the other way to upgrade your players is to make use of the training facility and then rank up your badges. You are allowed to have three drills between each game and it can be used to increase your progress for a certain badge along with your OVR rating.

There are badges for different skills such as screening, rebounding and many others so choose wisely what you want to upgrade.

Lastly, there is a short-term option as well. If you just want a boost for a short game, head over to the Gatorade Fueling Center and purchase some one-time food items. These items will automatically be consumed for your next game and will give you an edge – you do need VC for these too.

That is all we have for our NBA 2K18 Guide to Upgrading Players, Fastest Way to Upgrade Player. If we missed something important then let us know! (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)