Clash Royale gets a new game mode

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After its great update in October, Clash Royale continues to offer more content this month with the arrival of Duplicate Battles.

Clash Royale gets a new game mode

If you’re a Clash Royale fan , it’s definitely a great month for you. During these days the mobile game has received a lot of content , but Supercell has not stopped there and brings a new gameplay to the community. Duplicate Battles arrive , a new system that had already been heard and now, before its official launch, has been detailed .

To access this new Battle Royale game mode players will have to search the events section and access the so-called Duplicate Battles. As we had been hearing, both users will start with the same cards and it will be their strategy throughout the match that determines victory or defeat. There will no longer be excuses related to differences between decks, it all depends on your ability to handle these resources .

In Duplicate Battles mode players will start with a mirror card in their deck . At the same time, Clash Royale has announced a series of events in this new mode that offer interesting rewards :

17-19 October : Practical Event Duplicate Battles, Rewards:

– 3 crowns: 300 gold
– 6 crowns: 1 mirror card
20-23 October : Challenge Duplicate Battles, rewards announced soon.

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FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (12)

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Team training

Every training day, players can choose five players to train, select the players, you should choose those growth and potential value are good young players.

As long as the successful completion of training, players can enhance their attributes.
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Literally to enhance the player’s property, in fact, another layer of meaning is the exercise of the player’s operation.

Also note that you can exercise a versatile player, but it is best for you to use the characteristics and the basic attributes of the players, choose the training for them.

Dribble training – barrels

Introduction: the ball across the column, do not let the opponent to take the ball away. When you reach any end, use a high-profile pass to kick the ball into the bucket

Touch the sprint button and use the first football to cross the opponent.

Enhanced: ball, pan ball, agility

Dribble training – precision dribbling

Introduction: in the specified time, do your best to cross the ball through the column.

Use precise dribbling to fine ball control.

Enhance: ball, dribbling, physical

Docking training – dribbling challenge

Introduction: keep in this obstacle training, in the shortest time the ball crossed the mark column door.

Use fake shot can be a sharp turn.

Enhance: ball, dribbling, physical

Dribble Training – Barrier Race

Introduction: Crosses the barrier in the shortest possible time. Use subtle actions to control the player.

Slow down the speed, the ball control will be better.

Enhanced: ball, pan ball, agility

Dribble Training – Dribbling Ball

Description: In the case of football is not defensive player away, the ball crossed the mark column door.

Keep the ball away from the ball.

Enhanced: ball, disk ball, agility, physical strength

Dribble training – disk ball scene

Introduction: After a different ball scene, shoot the score. The higher the speed, the greater the turning angle.

Enhanced: ball, disk ball, agility, physical strength

Defensive training – critical defense

Introduction: snatch the offensive player’s ball. The effective distance of the intercept is shorter than that of the scoop; however, the use of a slippers is a relatively high chance of fouls.

Enhance: cut the ball, slippers

Defensive training – cut the ball

Introduction: stay in the main area, do your best to cut off the most pass. Use the containment, can be more fine to control the action.

Enhance: intercept the ball, intercept

Defensive training – basic defense

Introduction: Do not let the opponent shoot the goal. Do not mark the players who have been beaten by teammates.

Enhance: cut the ball, marking, blocking, sliding shovel

Defensive training – defensive endurance

Introduction: take away the ball of different opponents, to avoid the other ball into the small network. At high speed, the distance from the shovel will be farther.

Enhance: cut the ball, marking, blocking, sliding shovel

Defensive training – intermediate defense

Introduction: Do not let the opponent shoot the goal.

Try to use the second player to stir.

Enhance: cut the ball, intercept, slide shovel

Defensive training – advanced defense

Introduction: Do not let the opponent shoot the goal.

Press the intercept button button longer, the intensity of interception will be stronger.

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Spy your agenda and messages: the small print of the most downloaded games

They have millions of downloads, they are used to overcome boredom and endure the waiting times and, in addition, are free. However, the most popular mobile games in the app stores have one thing more in common: they all have a small print that almost nobody reads, although we should all do it. Or at least try to be aware of the huge amount of data that will collect while playing.
“It’s hard to find them, to begin with,” explains jurist Jorge Morell after analyzing the terms and conditions of the most popular mobile games of the moment. “They are in that mix of links that are on the tabs, and then there is the language barrier : if there is the Spanish version (which is not usually), sometimes they do not link it,” he says.

These Spaniards have just become millionaires creating mobile games
The American Take-Two has done with Social Point, the Spanish studio responsible for ‘Dragon City’ and ‘Monster Legends’, two games that have more than 180 million downloads
‘Football Strike’, ‘ Clash Royale ‘ or ‘Super Mario Run’ are some of those applications that account for millions of downloads. But they are not the only ones. In fact, they intermingle in the Play Store rankings with other not-so-known titles from much humbler (and even created by a single developer) studios like ‘ Fut 18 Draft Simulator ‘, which only offers its legal terms in French; ‘ Flippy Knife ‘, for which there are no terms and conditions some; or ‘ Magic Tiles 3 ‘, whose privacy policy is displayed in a simple Google Doc and exclusively in English.
Beyond its own difficulty in finding, reading and understanding these sound legal texts, its analysis allows to discover some surprising conditions that the player must accept yes or yes.
Most Popular Play Store Games
Most Popular Play Store Games
On the one hand, the enormous amount of information collected by each of these services. ‘Parchis STAR’, for example, in principle only collects the email and the name of the user. However, if a purchase is made within the application or if the Facebook account is linked, the collected data is multiplied , including saving the phone number and even the contacts calendar.
Much more data is collected, for example, Nintendo through its well-known ‘ Super Mario Run ‘. The list tends to infinity: country of residence, date of birth, sex, IP, configuration of your internet connection, purchases within the ‘app’, use of the game … Everything, according to the legal text of the Japanese company, provide the service, share certain data with other players and, in addition, do statistical studies “for marketing purposes and market studies”.
However, Nintendo offers something that is not usually given in most games: short versions of their legal texts and different versions depending on the language. “It even has different policies depending on the country and they have a parent guide,” explains Morell. “It shows that they pay more attention and work harder.”
The other company that does offer reduced versions of their legal texts and a parenting guide , Supercell, is even more aggressive in a sense. The Finnish company, now owned by China’s Tencent, and responsible for the empire created around ‘Clash Royale’ not only explains that it will close the account to any user who uses tricks in the game, but also makes clear that the recordings of are officially owned . Something to keep in mind on the part of those who hang their screenshots on platforms like YouTube.

However, there is something even trickier in these legal conditions: by accepting them, you resign yourself to the fact that there is no guarantee of privacy regarding the conversations you maintain through the game itself. In other words, Supercell reserves the option of reading your chats . “Others do not tell you so straightforward, but they do not cut themselves much,” Morell says, although he clarifies that these conversations “keep them for legal issues or legal requirements.” It is usually justified in that area and, for example, ‘Apalabrados ‘I also warned you in due course. ”
These legal texts “are not always intended for Spanish or European regulations”
Además, el usuario no sabe en la mayoría de los casos a dónde irán a parar sus datos, en el sentido puramente geográfico: si bien Supercell explica que los datos se guardan en Estados Unidos y Nintendo viene a decir que la información de sus usuarios está a caballo entre Europa y Norteamérica, lo cierto es que el resto de juegos con éxito ni siquiera tocan este relevante aspecto. Lo que sí es sencillo deducir es que estos textos legales “no siempre están pensados para normativas españolas o europeas”, comenta el jurista.
But there are still more flashy pearls hidden among the long paragraphs of the conditions we accept before playing. One of them appears in the small print of ‘Football Strike’, an entertaining application to pass the time pulling on the door from the penalty spot. “If parents want to contact the company to request the removal of data or access to the information collected, they can do so only by letter or through a Swiss telephone number, ” explains Morell.
However, not everything is so anachronistic in establishing contact with the creators of the game. In fact, they assert that, stating in the letter an email address, they will contact the user via that route.
For all audiences?
The treatment of the data, the location of the servers or the dimes and directs on the ownership of the conversations are matters that should concern to any user , but they take a special importance taking into account the public that usually resort to this type of applications: the smallest of the house.
In this sense, Morell warns that most games prohibit the presence of children under 13 in their domains . In fact, if they checked the age (if that was possible) and there were users 12 years or less, they would close the account.

The only case that fits the reality is MiniClip: the company responsible for ‘Football Strike’ and ‘ Flip Master ‘ distinguishes between 13 and under 13. For the latter, among other things, the possibility of make comments and encrypt the few stored data , such as the email address used to register for games.
Whether for adults or children, legal conditions are still there, waiting for someone to have the audacity to try to read and understand them. Meanwhile, most users accept unread and, unwittingly, commit to give away “two dozen personal data , ” said Morell. Something that, however, “today is the common thing”.

FIFA 18 (switch) in the test – the round to the corner

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The success of the FIFA brand is not due to the fact that it is able to cover a broad spectrum of the console market. FIFA 18 is no exception here, and appears, though in a slender form, for consoles of the last generation. The latest FIFA version next to PS3 and Xbox 360 also bring to the Nintendo switch, therefore seems quite fair and logical. A little bit of courage can be denied to EA, however: When the work on the football simulation began, it was certainly not yet foreseeable that the switch would be a resounding success. All the more pleasing that I would like my review on FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch: It is a successful, and almost content-complete porting.

FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch
game modes

Let’s talk about the swastikas of the switch version: The story mode The Journey , where you slip on other systems into the role of the kicker Alex Hunter, is missing on the switch. Likewise fans have to do without the Weekend League, Squad Challenges and Champions Channels. And then, of course, there would be the Frostbite engine, which in Current-Gen versions of FIFA provides for impressive ball and player physics. Here, too, switch players have to make do with an adapted and scaled-down engine.

On the other side of the coin are all other relevant game modes that FIFA fans know and love. Career mode, online matches, local multiplayer, and even the first time on a Nintendo Ultimate Team console. Even talking, Nintendo kickers do not have to do without a cornucopia at leagues, stadiums and handsome modeled kickers.

A secret highlight in the Switch- FIFA is, of course, the local multiplayer mode, in which the Switch can fully exploit its potential as a mobile fun center. Even if the JoyCon, which is held on the side, hardly meets the requirements of a modern football simulation, it is simply fun to be able to spontaneously challenge a friend or stranger without a technical setup process.


FIFA 18 Switch
In the absence of Frostbyte engine, FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch looks not only different than the versions for PS4 and XBO, it also plays something different. FIFA admins will notice that the switch version is faster and more direct, which is due to the self-carved engine, which should also be used in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

With transversal JoyCon it is a little habituation to use the shooters for sprinting and player changes. The small analog sticks make it difficult to precisely determine the running speed, and the action buttons, which are close together, often lead to failures. In the docked mode it gets better with the shoulder buttons, the analog sticks remain too imprecise for fast maneuvers. If you really want to play FIFA 18 at a prodessional level, there is no pro-controller around. I find it a pity that EA has no longer focused on the HD-Rumble function of the JoyCon. The precise engines are noticeable only in the case of slats and the shooting of the slats.

Graphics and presentation

Graphically, the biggest differences of the switch version are distinguished from the large console counterparts. Instead of modeled people in the audience you have to take part in the portable Nintendo console with pixel sprites. The texture of the player’s faces and dresses do not look quite as sharp and crisp as the competition. In some animations, the switch is clearly noticeable in terms of its hardware-tuned hardware.

However, the optimization has paid off. Optically, the switch version of FIFA 18 looks much better than the Last-Gen variants of the game for PS3 and Xbox 360. In the handheld mode, the hardware manages FIFA 18 at native 720p in stable 60 FPS. On the TV is docked the shows even to 1080p ennobled. In inter-sequences and replays the Framerate is throttled down to 30 FPS. Switch players can also enjoy graphical effects such as fade-out and depth-of-focus. When the shadow is cast, the textures look a bit coarse-pixelated, but this is hardly important in fast gameplay.

Multiplayer and online features

In the run-up to the game, the question arose about how FIFA 18 would cope with the questionable online features of the Switch. The vermouth drops: Cross-platform multiplayer games and matchmaking with friends will not be on the switch. All other online modes are on board, however, and require the connection of the Nintendo account with an EA account.

Also negative is the fact that the online-first mentality of stationary consoles on the Nintendo Switch is not very natural and user-friendly. You can also press the automatic pop-up to the Internet settings, so you can use the basic game modes of FIFA 18 offline. This option is not very self-explanatory. Instead of an opt-out process for connectivity, EA would have been better advised with opt-in for online game modes.
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Conclusion on FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch

I’m glad that after a 3-year break, a new FIFA is coming to a Nintendo system. The switch enriches the football experience skilfully by the factor portability, albeit at the expense of presentation and online features. However, I like to accept such cuts, because there is nothing about a quick match against friends in the plane, or the pleasure with Messi dribbling through the local toilet. Electronic Arts has put a technically clean and substantively convincing debut on the switch. It is hoped that FIFA 18 will not be the last entry in the squad book of the portable console.

This is all you need to know about Clash Royale

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Clash Royale has become one of the most popular mobile games, a game different from all that has been seen so far and that mixes the best possible way seen in Clash of Clans and card games.
When you download Clash Royale APK, the player will notice that the game uses the theme created in Clash of Clans , in which the player will be surrounded by mythological and medieval characters such as kings, knights, sorcerers, giants, skeletons and minions . This has been mixed with what was seen in other card games, but it took an unexpected turn and thus created one of the most original formats that have been seen in the games.

The player of Clash Royale will have different cards that have characters and creatures, each with different statistics and abilities, that can be invoked in the battlefield using a certain amount of elixir with the only objective of getting rid of the enemy towers and to overcome it.

Unlike conventional card games, such as Scrolls of Magic or Heartstone , in Clash Royale players compete in real time and not in turns , giving a very original twist to these types of games.

In other card games, the player receives points that he can spend on the cards he will use during his turn to attack the enemy. When the desired movements are made, the turn is finished. But in this card game the battle runs in real time and can have a duration of 3 minutes . The elixir is what is used to pay for the use of cards and is constantly charged.

After downloading the game , the player will learn that the games are time trial and that he must invoke his cards at the right time, because when he puts something will appear instantly to the opponent. It is important to choose the right place , because the games are played on a small map in which the characters move as was the case in Clash of Clans.

The formula that has made Clash Royale the most popular mobile game
In this game that has become so popular for Android and iPhone , the sands are changing their appearance so that the games do not feel completely repetitive, but the gameplay is the same. The player will notice that the terrain is divided in two by a river that crosses in the middle, forcing the land units to use the bridge to cross to the side of the enemy. Each side of the map belongs to a player and there you can find two small towers and a main tower . buy clash of clans gems online

The objective of the game is to destroy as many towers as possible, with the option of destroying the big tower in which the king is located to automatically destroy the other towers and the player wins the game. It must be taken into account that the s towers also have the possibility to attack and that they have enough points of resistance, attributes that improve when leveling up.

When the player wins a normal game or the tournaments that take place, he will win trophies and a safe. These chests can be opened by waiting or using gems, which are the game currency and that is quite difficult to get without having to pay for them. When the player manages to open a chest he will get gold with which he can buy new cards or improve the cards he already has.

On the other hand, the trophies made by the Creators , supercell , allow the player to get new cards. Be very careful, since if the player loses a game he will lose a few trophies and descend into the arena, although the cards obtained in higher arenas will continue to be part of the player’s deck.

The game updates continue to improve the experience and bring some new features to the game.

7.3 new five copies of the ruling group of simple Raiders for the final battle warm-up

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he seat of the ruling group is “World of Warcraft” 7.3 new five people, is now officially open, located in the Agus Ma Carrele area. Players can first carry out the relevant task line to open a copy of this 5, then you can understand the past and the Argus planet and Delaney’s past there are some of the Big Three in the past. For the team has been more than 920 +, the current strength of the ruling group seat is too small, but BOSS will still be easy to reduce or even destroy the group, we need attention to detail.

One BOSS: promotion Zul’ar
  Promotion Zular the whole battle will have a condensed void (purple little soft) refresh in the center of the venue and move to the BOSS, when the small soft encounter BOSS will create a team AOE. Epic difficult small soft moving line will also leave the black water, coupled with the BOSS will cause high damage to the tank and left a tank at the foot of the black water. The whole scene will be very compact, T need to pull BOSS non-stop large-scale mobile, because BOSS standing in the black water damage will increase, while players eat BOSS skills will stack dot. And for the treatment, the need for hard brush brush all the DPS do not mean to emergency strokes.

  DPS enough team will not appear P2 name stage, but if it is a novice team to challenge, then in the back of a period of time BOSS will randomly named a team member will be thrown into the field, the field has a number of dark and abnormal mobs need to hit Kill, kill will eat an injury and superimposed energy, full of 100 points of energy can return to the real world and stunned BOSS, this time is BOSS easy to hurt the stage can burst out full RUSH out. If the BOSS point T, then the lock will catch up with a field players remaining, the remaining members of the best run along the edge of the venue or let the treatment under the strong brush BOSS kill RUSH.

II BOSS: Saprish

  The ruling group of the most tortured people BOSS appeared, frequent demand and ground effects on the melee DPS is very unfriendly. And control skills is very much, need to pay more attention to the players. Saprisha itself as a virtual hunter, but also with two BB into the war, very disgusting – leopard will be sent to the random players around and a small range of AOE, each hit for the BOSS stack hunter impulse buff. Nether rays will rush toward random targets, causing damage to the landing area in a small area, cast the fear of scouring the team after landing.

  And Sapurashi itself will keep the void trap to make the player unconscious, if the blood of the brittle fabric is dizzy after being easily injured by the BOSS to death, treatment here need to predict the bomb People in advance of various treatment or protection, T damage reduction skills correctly cover the problem will not be large, treatment only need to pay attention to DPS career can be.

No. 3 BOSS: Governor Nazar

  Typical soft boring BOSS, need to pay attention to the team is expected to advance the DPS is sufficient If your team averaged more than 925+, you can use RUSH tactics directly to play BOSS can not ignore the treatment of superposition of the tentacles DEBUFF. On the contrary, the new team will need to give priority to clear the BOSS calls these shadow tentacles.

  BOSS can be seen as two stages, in the P1 is the traditional play – what interrupted what the ground what to hide what. But need to pay attention to the middle of the BOSS will use the chaos of the force to the team to the Blackwater area, players need to use displacement skills as quickly as possible back to BOSS side. Of the Blackwater area. P2 stage BOSS if the frenzy is full, will recruit two mobs and invincible read off the group skills, this time the player must first open the attack kill the mobs to interrupt the reading of the article or will destroy.

No. 4 BOSS: Lula

  Relative to the front of the BOSS, Lula particularly good fight Because as long as you DPS enough, you can instantly seconds in the P3 stage off him. The beginning of BOSS call a large fissure guardian after opening the portal, the player can kill the fire, its AOE and black water damage is not too high will not affect the back of the kill (all remote stations can be). But the P2 stage of the destroyer skills need to be dealt with, this time the virtual lords will be lost to the random location throw purple ball, you need to disperse the ball, otherwise the whole regiment high injury AOE (big secret directly off).

  After the P3, Lula’s invincible cover to eliminate and continue to release AOE skills, from time to time on the random players caused a lot of magic damage, and get a magic energy to launch all directions in all directions. Epic difficulty P1 and P2 mobs death of the remaining black water will also be in the P3 again to the random player jump, DPS enough team can also be RUSH just like, but in the big secret need to remote and melee separate (Click to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA2KOL China before the night warriors and Timberwolves brought the Mid-Autumn evening party

October 4, NBA2K Online gaming competition in Shanghai staged. Iguodala and Downs, respectively, led the Warriors and Timberwolves at the scene PK, “black” Chen Jianzhou, “milk dad” Liu Genghong live show big basketball skills, desert brothers will be the scene of China has hip hop stage, far away in Houston Zhou Qi also in the Mid-Autumn Festival this wonderful season for the national fans offer blessing … …

What? You missed the live. It does not matter, read the following picture you know this basketball feast in the end what happened.

Mueller selected FIFA 18 best array: Merlot in the column, and then no one who can not less himself

Recently, Bayern star Muller selected his mind FIFA 18 best eleven, Messi C Lo in the column, his more than the German national teammates selected, of course, also selected their own go!

Muller discharged 3-4-3 formation, it is worth noting that the coach position on the choice of Muller is just the get out of class of Ancelotti.
He was discharged from the position of Messi – Ibrahimovic Cloe Trident, midfielder position in addition to his own election, but also Maradona, Schweinsteiger and Bailey selected among them.
Defense line, Alaba, Hu Meier Si and Kimi was selected, the goalkeeper position of his phase is of course the club national team double teammate Noel.
Substitutes are Boateng, Nei Maer and Draxler and others, the first election of the Hu Mei did not choose Boateng, it really is the brand will be close to some of it!
We have not noticed that the value of a card that Muller is 99, which is EA company gave the player a special card, this card shot 99, dribbling 99, passing 98, speed 98, defense there 84
FIFA 18 players can play in the Ultimate Team model and Mueller’s lineup!

New Kyrie Irving NBA 2K18 Cover Now Available

The new NBA 2K18 cover with Kyrie Irving in Boston Celtics gear is now available for you to download. This is of course if you own a physical copy of the game.

The official Twitter page of NBA 2K18 tweeted out: Want to swap out your cover of #NBA2K18 to represent Kyrie Irving in his new threads? Download & print it here.

You can get the cover for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch. The cool thing is that you can choose the cover that represents your region/country too.

If you did not know already, Kyrie Irving was traded to the Boston Celtics a month before the game launched. Irving didn’t feel like playing with LeBron James anymore in the Cleveland Cavaliers.

FIFA 18 – Does not start? There are solving aids and known bugs here

Every year, football fans are back in front of the console as EA is launching a new version of FIFA on the market. But FIFA 18 is just getting out, some ambitious ball kicks are being plagued by recurring problems. We will tell you what bugs can occur and what you can do if errors occur. You’ll also find all the system requirements for your PC.
With the launch of FIFA 18 it unfortunately happened that I had also sneaked some bugs and errors into the final version, which now plagued players on the console and the PC. Especially in the well-known forums fans of the series over old familiar problems out, but some of them you can easily fix. The system requirements for FIFA 18 can be found later in the article.
Problems and bugs
Frustration is part of football. But not when FIFA 18 problems arise.
In the list below you will find all known problems, including their solutions. In the course of time we update the problems, so check regularly.
Even before you really can start, the game makes the online buyers already a dash through the calculations, because there is no download button with Origin . Use the third-party key to contact the appropriate dealer, who can still unlock the game for you.
FIFA 18 is not yet there ? An Amazon strike may cause your package to be in the warehouse rather than in your collection. Patience is unfortunately the only option.
Some players were plagued by missing special items from pre-order and edition bonuses. But here too there is a simple solution: Starts the FUT mode , scroll the menu to the point Unassigned Objects and finds the bonuses here.
Your FUT rewards do not show up ? Here, too, has been patience. There may be relatively long delays before you find the rewards in the shop, so wait a bit.
FIFA 18 does not start : A well-known problem with well-known solutions. Check your system software and make sure that no updates are necessary.
The installation stops or does not continue ? Make sure you have enough space .