This is all you need to know about Clash Royale

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Clash Royale has become one of the most popular mobile games, a game different from all that has been seen so far and that mixes the best possible way seen in Clash of Clans and card games.
When you download Clash Royale APK, the player will notice that the game uses the theme created in Clash of Clans , in which the player will be surrounded by mythological and medieval characters such as kings, knights, sorcerers, giants, skeletons and minions . This has been mixed with what was seen in other card games, but it took an unexpected turn and thus created one of the most original formats that have been seen in the games.

The player of Clash Royale will have different cards that have characters and creatures, each with different statistics and abilities, that can be invoked in the battlefield using a certain amount of elixir with the only objective of getting rid of the enemy towers and to overcome it.

Unlike conventional card games, such as Scrolls of Magic or Heartstone , in Clash Royale players compete in real time and not in turns , giving a very original twist to these types of games.

In other card games, the player receives points that he can spend on the cards he will use during his turn to attack the enemy. When the desired movements are made, the turn is finished. But in this card game the battle runs in real time and can have a duration of 3 minutes . The elixir is what is used to pay for the use of cards and is constantly charged.

After downloading the game , the player will learn that the games are time trial and that he must invoke his cards at the right time, because when he puts something will appear instantly to the opponent. It is important to choose the right place , because the games are played on a small map in which the characters move as was the case in Clash of Clans.

The formula that has made Clash Royale the most popular mobile game
In this game that has become so popular for Android and iPhone , the sands are changing their appearance so that the games do not feel completely repetitive, but the gameplay is the same. The player will notice that the terrain is divided in two by a river that crosses in the middle, forcing the land units to use the bridge to cross to the side of the enemy. Each side of the map belongs to a player and there you can find two small towers and a main tower . buy clash of clans gems online

The objective of the game is to destroy as many towers as possible, with the option of destroying the big tower in which the king is located to automatically destroy the other towers and the player wins the game. It must be taken into account that the s towers also have the possibility to attack and that they have enough points of resistance, attributes that improve when leveling up.

When the player wins a normal game or the tournaments that take place, he will win trophies and a safe. These chests can be opened by waiting or using gems, which are the game currency and that is quite difficult to get without having to pay for them. When the player manages to open a chest he will get gold with which he can buy new cards or improve the cards he already has.

On the other hand, the trophies made by the Creators , supercell , allow the player to get new cards. Be very careful, since if the player loses a game he will lose a few trophies and descend into the arena, although the cards obtained in higher arenas will continue to be part of the player’s deck.

The game updates continue to improve the experience and bring some new features to the game.

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