Clash Royale gets a new game mode

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After its great update in October, Clash Royale continues to offer more content this month with the arrival of Duplicate Battles.

Clash Royale gets a new game mode

If you’re a Clash Royale fan , it’s definitely a great month for you. During these days the mobile game has received a lot of content , but Supercell has not stopped there and brings a new gameplay to the community. Duplicate Battles arrive , a new system that had already been heard and now, before its official launch, has been detailed .

To access this new Battle Royale game mode players will have to search the events section and access the so-called Duplicate Battles. As we had been hearing, both users will start with the same cards and it will be their strategy throughout the match that determines victory or defeat. There will no longer be excuses related to differences between decks, it all depends on your ability to handle these resources .

In Duplicate Battles mode players will start with a mirror card in their deck . At the same time, Clash Royale has announced a series of events in this new mode that offer interesting rewards :

17-19 October : Practical Event Duplicate Battles, Rewards:

– 3 crowns: 300 gold
– 6 crowns: 1 mirror card
20-23 October : Challenge Duplicate Battles, rewards announced soon.

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